Why choose cinema advertising?

• Cinema audiences have what you want: discretionary income and the extra time to relax and enjoy a movie! No one has to go to the movies. Our audiences want to be there. They are in a good mood, open and receptive to your message.

• Studies show that retention of advertisements in movie theaters is many times higher than advertisements on television. The combination of the darkened room with the massive screen makes for very conscious audiences.

• Cinema has less reach than TV, but the audience is much more targeted. Studies show that cinema goers have an above average income and they are more likely to keep up with developements in technology.

• Customers sitting in a darkened theatre overwhelmingly enjoy and prefer the diversion of watching advertisements before the movie begins.

• The Jackson Hole Cinemas’ pre-show advertising reaches all demographics and both locals and tourists. Each year over 150,000 people attend the movies in Jackson Hole!

What is advertising and what will it accomplish?
Advertising is communicating a sales message to potential customers. Advertising is one segment of a well organized, continuous marketing plan. Effective advertising is a cumulative process that maintains current customers, attracts new customers and establishes a favorable position for the business with competitors. Advertising will not cure slow business growth or low profits, nor will it create a better business person or a well-organized business. Advertising offers specified benefits to a specific or target audience. As part of a sound marketing plan, advertising becomes an investment in the future of the business, instead of one more expense.

Source: Ohio State University Fact Sheet, Advertising: An Investment In Your Business’s Future by Gregory R. Passewitz and Nancy H. Bull


Advertising Rates

*check for availability for 60-second ads

8-second ads15-second ads30-second ads60-second ads*
12+ months$341/month$487/month$609/month$913/month
6-11 months$375/month$536/month$670/month$1005/month
3-5 months$420/month$600/month$750/month$1125/month
1-2 months$483/month$690/month$863/month$1294/month

Non-Profit and PSA Advertising Rates

*check for availability for 60-second ads

8-second ads15-second ads30-second ads60-second ads*
12+ months$239/month$341/month$426/month$639/month
6-11 months$263/month$375/month$469/month$703/month
3-5 months$294/month$420/month$525/month$788/month
1-2 months$338/month$483/month$604/month$906/month

More About Our Ads…

Our most popular ad is 30-seconds. 30-second ads can be very versatile. 30-seconds gives you time to be both entertaining and informative. Cinema audiences are there to be entertained – the more entertaining the ad, the more memorable the ad. The chance to captivate this eager audience with an engaging message about your business is a very unique opportunity that you don’t find with typical print advertising.

15-second ads are great for targeting a specific aspect of a multi-faceted business. They can rely on the familiarity of a popular business or brand, while introducing a lesser-known aspect of that business. 15-second ads are also great for still or poster-style ads, with or without voice-overs.

8-second ads are all about branding. 8-second ads are “business card” style only. Your business name and phone number and/or web address will be projected onto our giant movie screens.

Next Steps…

Please give us a call or shoot us an email and we can discuss your options for advertising at the Jackson Hole Cinemas. Contact Us